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RBS admits forging signature on elderly woman's PPI form

Matt Clark
Feb 19, 2018

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been forced to admit it FORGED an elderly customer’s signature on a form signing her up for PPI.

It had to apologise to retired teacher Jean Mackay – and offer her £500 compensation – after she proved a member of staff had faked it.


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In fact the signature had been copied from the form she HAD signed in a branch when she took out a new zero interest credit card she had been offered.

In 2008, Mrs Mackay decided to take advantage of an RBS credit card balance transfer offer of zero interest for 12 months and signed paperwork in a branch.


'I said No, I don't want PPI'

Mrs Mackay said: "I was talked through the form. I was asked if I wanted to take out protection insurance. I said no, I don’t need that."

She signed one box agreeing to the terms of the credit card but did not sign a second box agreeing to PPI.

Months later she realised she was paying more money than she had anticipated.

She said: "I queried it and they said it was the PPI. I said, 'No, no, I didn’t ask for that at all.' I asked to see the document. I said, "That’s not my signature.' "

Mrs Mackay, of Forres, Moray, campaigned for years but got nowhere.

Even the Financial Ombudsman suggested she might have signed the second box later, or in a hurry, or her signature had varied.


'I'm not senile, or a liar'

She told them: "I am not senile nor a liar, nor am I intent on defrauding the bank.

"I have pursued this complaint for over four years expecting, at the very least, an apology, but becoming ever more frustrated by the bank’s refusal to accept my word and denying all responsibility or liability."

Finally a graphologist – Emma Bache – examined the document. She said: "The numerous and significant differences suggest they are unlikely to have been written by the same individual, as fundamental and unique handwriting characteristics are not a match."

Finally RBS has admitted the fakery – although it claimed it was an "isolated incident". It admitted at the time staff had received bonuses for getting customers to sign up for PPI.


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That's something we all know about, of course, because of the massive PPI scandal that has seen thousands of ripped-off customers win compensation.

It also said the "individual involved in this case no longer works for the bank."

Mrs Mackay still feels angry: "If I had forged my name on something, it would be a police matter. They should not get away with doing things like that to people who are trusting them."

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