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You’ll need a drink after reading what’s happening to BEER PRICES!

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Sep 18, 2018

The price of beer is already notoriously high, with revellers often charged upwards of £5 for a pint in big cities — and things could be about to get even worse.

The price of beer is rising, like bubbles from the bottom of your obnoxiously expensive pint. The average price of a pint in the UK is currently £3.69, but could rise 59p to £4.28 in the next six months. That’s a SIXTEEN PERCENT rise.

It’s because the summer heatwave damaged crops used in the production of the alcohol. So while you were kicking back in the garden enjoying a nice cool lager, you could have actually been damaging your future drinking prospects.

Barley stocks are at their lowest since 1984, driving wholesale costs up drastically.

And the horror doesn’t end there: there are concerns that the shortages could also cause the price of a humble loaf of bread to rise.

It’s time to drown my sorrows —if I can afford it.


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