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Scores Matter: Has money been taken without your knowledge?

Patrick Christys
Feb 19, 2019

Check your bank account right now - has any money been taken out without your knowledge?

Well, almost 100 people contacted A Spokesman Said to say they were shocked to find monthly fees leaving their account from a company called Scores Matter, supposedly without the account holder's permission.

One disgruntled customer said: "I checked my bank account last month. I found that this company has been taking £14.95 per month for the last 8 months. These were done as a visa purchase.

"We called and tried to cancel but there was no luck. We didn't sign up for this and therefore we don't even know if they have mine or my partners details. We changed our bank card when we were aware of this fraud but the payment came out again.

"That's nearly £120 taken from our account with no express permission and from taking a look on here it's not just us this has happened to."

Scores Matter, which was founded in 2011, claims to help customers "understand how the world is using their digital footprint".

Its website states that they "scan a database of 600 million records in real time to see if your identity has been stolen and is available for sale by criminals on the Dark Web.

"Compare yourself to others, get tips to improve and monitor how your profile and scores change over time.

"Evaluate your loan affordability and see how lenders analyse your financial standing."

But some people have been left so frustrated at the company apparently taking money out of their account without their permission that they've even threatened to go to the police.

Clare said: "Please you keep taking money out my bank please stop and pay my money back or else I’m going to the police."

Ellie added: "I have sent an email to you before about taking money out of my account and asked you nicely to stop. I don’t need your service and would appreciate it if I could get a refund off you as you have completely ignored my first email a few weeks ago."

Kayleigh reached out to A Spokesman Said, saying: "Why have they been taking money out off my bank every month? It's bloody ridiculous. I don't even know what its for never used it had enough now."

Gita added: "This is a joke. Honestly...absolutely disappointed. They been taking my money every month without my permission. I have contacted this company and guess what they cant return my money!

"Absolutely thieves we got to report them! Give my money back!! And I want them to delete my account with my info."

Here at A Spokesman Said we're fighting for you on this issue - how can so many people have money taken out of their account without realising that they'd signed up to it?

So we contacted Scores Matter to find out what's going on.

Their statement reads:

"A prospective customer may come across ScoresMatter through a number of online channels such as an advert on a social media platform or through a marketing partners website.

"All applications irrespective of where the advert was seen, require a customer to complete one of our registration pages. All our registration pages require that a prospective customer provide their details which includes their name, address, email, DOB, telephone number and payment details (as well as the three-digit security code from the back of their card), accept our T&Cs and agree to the payment of the fees by clicking a button that says ‘I Agree: Submit’.

"On the registration page we also state, right above the button that the customer must click to submit their registration, who we are, what our charges are and even provide our contact number.

"Only by completing our registration page and submitting the form does the customer then become a member of the ScoresMatter. There is no other way that they can become a member.

"In addition, we employ Verified by Visa 3D Secure authentication during the registration process, which provides customers with an extra layer of protection when using their payment card to make transactions online.

"All those who successfully register to ScoresMatter are also then sent a confirmation email to the email address that they entered on the registration form. If this email bounces we send them a letter in the post along with our T&Cs. In all these communications we are clear that we require a monthly subscription fee.

"Of the 120k plus customers that have joined our service since 1st March 2018 (around the date when we registered to your platform and the first complaint was logged) the number of complaints on your platform equates to just 0.07% of our total sign ups.

"However, we take all complaints seriously and as you should be able to see we have been encouraging customers on your platform to contact us directly since we were given access to respond to posts in late October 2018.

"We pride ourselves with having a robust sign up process and equally a very good complaint handling and feedback process for customers to contact us if they have any questions or queries. We’re happy to work with your platform to continue to respond to these customers and would also be interested to learn how you come to get these complaints on your platform as most of the customer have made no contact with us in the first instance."

To contact Scores Matter if you feel that you've been unfairly charged, you can do so by calling 0808 189 3005- lines are open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) from 8am5.30pm.

Calls to this number are free. By email: [email protected] (We will respond to any emails and voicemails within 2 working days) Or they can write to us at: ScoresMatter Building 1 Chalfont Park Gerrards Cross Bucks SL9 0BG.

When you go on websites like Scores Matter always check the small print and terms and conditions. 

There may be charges or costs that aren't immediately obvious. 
It's always better to keep your money well and truly in your own pocket and not fall victim to unforeseen fees.

Here at A Spokesman Said we love fighting for your rights and believe passionately in natural justice.

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We’re just the same as Go Compare or any other price comparison site, so you won’t be losing out in any way - by helping us, you will be helping yourself.

Thank you for your support.

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