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DPD: A second class delivery service?

Patrick Christys
Feb 20, 2019

More than 500 people contacted A Spokesman Said to accuse DPD of running a second class delivery service.

The DPDgroup is an international parcel delivery service for parcels weighing under 30 kg that delivers 4.8 million parcels worldwide every day.

But A Spokesman Said users challenge that, claiming that, like most politicians in the UK, DPD have promised a lot and resolutely not delivered.

One disgruntled customer told A Spokesman Said that DPD should actually stand for Don't Predict Delivery. Withering.

Can it be true that DPD are the business equivalent of footballer Christian Benteke in the sense they rarely deliver the goods when it matters most to you?

Matin, for example, said: "Waiting over a week for a parcel staff keep lying about its going on van when it never does. Complete cowboys."

Mariam also wrote in to say: "I stayed home for a delivery that was scheduled for this morning. Only for me to receive an email that delivery was attempted and no one was home. I was literally sitting by door. No calling card was left like they claimed in the mail. This is really disappointing. They need to fix up!"

And Andrew said: "Terribly inept company, I have been waiting over two weeks for my parcel now every day I get a txt message to say due to my request the delivery date has changed.

"I have never contacted DPD to change my delivery date. Every time I phone DPD I am on hold for over 40 min until I get to speak to someone and then they will give me no information as to where my parcel is because as they state I am not there customer. Terrible company.

"Before I buy anything online I will first check to see who the delivery company is I will boycott DPD now and others should do the same awful reviews all over the internet. AVOID AVOID AVOID."

A Spokesman Said has contacted DPD for a response and is awaiting a reply.

Always read a company's reviews before you use their service, you can type the company name into A Spokesman Said to see what other customers have to say.

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