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'It's time to make toy guns gender neutral'

Patrick Christys
May 15, 2019

Toy gun manufacturer, Nerf, is embroiled in a sexism row because it allegedly colours 'girls' guns' in pink and 'boys' guns' in blue...

One eagle eyed A Spokesman Said contributor claims to have been in a well known toy shop but practically recoiled in disgust when she realised that Nerf, despite making futuristic-looking toy weapons, hadn't entered the 21st Century!

Haakin wrote in to us to say: "I was in Smyth's Toys Superstores the other day, and I came across the aisle with all the Nerf guns.

"I was shocked when I noticed the boxing on the products.

"There was a whole other section for the "girls' guns". The Nerf Rebelle section had girls on the front of the boxes, whereas the original Nerf just had pictures of boys holding the Nerf guns.

"From what I could see, Nerf Rebelle consisted of "girls' colours" such as pink, purple and turquoise.

"The original Nerf had the stereotypical "boys' colours" I have a very passionate opinion on sexism as this is the 21st century, and one would think a brand of children's toys would have overcome this issue.

"Blue, green and orange are not boys' colours. Pink, purple and turquoise are not girls' colours.

"As a girl I was extremely offended by this suggestion that girls were associated with those specific colours.

"I understand that there are girls on the Nerf website, however the boxing is what annoyed me. I saw the same problem in Tk Maxx too.

"The original Nerf had only boys on the front, holding guns of blue, green and orange.

"I think this is a big issue because boys and girls might grow up thinking the same way people did many years ago, and that they are limited to certain colours.

"You are allowed to like whatever colour you like, there is no restrictions anymore."

Gender neutral guns - that seems to be the way forward, then...

But there have been a number of other complaints about Nerf's products, with many citing basic malfunctions.

Katy said: "Brought my son two Nerf guns for his birthday. The Nerf tri-strike trigger is jammed and the nerf stockade bullets keep getting stuck.

"My boy has mental health issues and he's absolutely devastated. Looking forward to hearing what you're going to do to rectify the problem."

And in Sandra's case, things allegedly took a turn for the worse when her child's Nerf weapon malfunctioned.

She told us: "My son's Nerf gun keep's jamming on him. Unfortunately on Tuesday after trying to fix his Nerf gun, his went off and hit him straight in his eye.

"He had to have congenital glaucoma surgery to release the pressure form his eye. Please try to make Nerf guns as safe as possible.

"My son almost lost his eye due to a malfunction."

A Spokesman Said has contacted Nerf and is awaiting reply.



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