Save on your energy bills and get £50 cash back with A Spokesman Said and Octopus Energy

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No dealing with your old supplier

No engineer or installer visits

No disruption to your supply

No fee to leave Octopus Energy

The average household on a Big 6 variable tariff is paying too much for energy. A Spokesman Said have teamed up with Octopus Energy to give you an exclusive deal.

Switch to Octopus Energy before midnight 15th January 2017, and not only will you get great value energy (our customers save an average of £200), Octopus will give you £40 cash back after you've switched and a further £10 on your one-year anniversary!

You may not have heard of Octopus Energy but we have done our homework.

They are backed by a huge business (a £6bn one to be correct) which is the UK’s largest investor in solar farms.

Designed for simplicity, they promise energy that’s better for the planet, better for your pocket, and easier to manage.

Cashback terms and conditions

You will be eligible for £40 cash back when you come onto supply with Octopus Energy and have successfully paid the initial direct debit payment.

You will be paid £40 cash back into your bank accounts by Octopus Energy within 30 days of coming onto supply.

You will be eligible for a further £10 cash back reward on the one-year anniversary of being on supply with Octopus Energy. This payment will be paid within 30 days of the on-year anniversary date.

Customers are only eligible for the cash back reward if they signed up through A Spokesman Said before midnight 15th January 2017.

Customers who have signed up through A Spokesman Said are not eligible for other Octopus Energy referral rewards.