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Christina's complaint against Tui

Christina Stern


Thomson have changed my Egyptian holiday twice. Airport and dates.

Complaint against Tui

Way back in February I booked a Nile cruise for 2 as a treat. Unwillingly, I booked the a taxi and train and two nights in a hotel at either end of the holiday. Two months later I was told the holiday and flight was cancelled , I entered into discussions and was told there is nothing I could do. I had great difficulty getting refunds on transport and hotel but I did in the end. I am really, really angry now(and have been since 5.10.15. when I discovered that changes were to be made for the 2nd time) about this whole affair . I have been informed that I can cancel the holiday FREE of charge or accept £100 and fly from Gatwick. To agree to Thomson's suggestion that we go from London, Gatwick, it would mean: 2 days extra paying for the dog’s care @ £20 a day, cancellation of a taxi ordered to take us to Manchester Airport, train fares for two of us (return) to London, transport costs from Euston to Gatwick, room for a night either end of the holiday because departure and arrival times make it so. I have had a brief look at train and hotel costs and it has gone up since I booked originally. Well over £250 I think, so £100 does not come anywhere near covering the cost never mind the inconvenience and we are living on a pension. We suspect that someone in Thomson made this decision without thinking how it would affect customers, due to their financial position. What about ours! Thomson is a very large company and we are only two people who need help. I personally am not in the business of letting people down but due to changes in the holiday I have already let a number of people down, the most important being my son and his wife as we have the two grandchildren every day in term time. The booking was originally for October 26th (half-term) but was moved to November 4th.

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Christina Stern | | VERIFIED

Since our return I have written to Thomson numerous times only to be fobbed off with a standard letter. Whilst away others told me they had been given more than £100. I have asked Thomson to explain this, to no avail.

Christina Stern | | VERIFIED

Still not satisfied as Thomson have not replied and answered my questions. I shall continue to write to Thomson.
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