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Eustace's complaint against Three



Aggressive Commercial Practice. and Miss sold.

Complaint against Three

Went to three local store with a family member, to get a Mobile phone for that member. We choose a phone, then work the package that was suitable and wanted to work out the best way to paid for it but that was not allowed because was forest in to direct debit situation with out any other method of payment. So it was we had to pay it by direct debit. So everything was going find until the company wrongfully try to take 3 times more. So we had to stop the direct debit and make preparations to close the bank account. It was only when they was a £5.00 charge that was add to the phone account we found out that we could of paid by not having a direct debit that could not be able to afford. this has put the family member in a very stressful situation that has cause them harm and a burden. So after complain to three Customers Relation Team on many occasion. and they have come up with a solution to solve this matter. I am looking for solution that would not cause any further harm and burden to that family member.

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