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Gemma's complaint against Three

Gemma Hebbron


Miss Sold Rip Off Contracts only available at your local Three store!!

Complaint against Three

I went in store to purchase a contract. I wanted one similar to the one that had just finished with a different network. Unlimited texts Unlimited minutes Unlimited data Unlimited 08 numbers I was quoted around the £70 mark and this included included insurance at £10 a month (band 3 insurance apparently) I was told the contract included all of the above. And that because my insurance was the most expensive being on band 3 there was no excess. Another advisor came across and told my friend about a contract he could have for just £8 (he doesn't use his phone much at all) but he said he had no ID on him and his credit rating was poor. The advisor told him I could get it in my name then after a month he could change the bank details over to his bank then after another 2 month they could change it to his name completely. They said it didn't matter about the poor credit rating because he already has the contract and that it would be a way to build up his credit rating once it was in his name. And they said because his contract was sim only they wouldn't mind. Unlike if he got an expensive phone. I really felt under pressure. I was there with my son who was 1. Screaming his head off because we had been in the shop ages. My friend desperate for this contract because it gave him much more minutes than a £10 PAYG top up was giving him and these two sales men constantly at me. I felt I had no choice. I was pressure sold something I didn't really want. I have been miss sold my contract because: I don't get any 08 number calls free except 0800 which everyone now gets anyway and I paid extra for this service. I do have to pay excess on my insurance should I need to use it as I found out after having a nasty fall and cracking the screen of my new phone only a month old. I was told the phones were replaced for new ones not recon phones. Which also isn't true although mine was new this time but it was only out a month. I was told that I was getting the latest model of this phone and that there wouldn't be any new ones out for a long time as I told the salesman I didn't want to get a phone that they would end up bringing another out shortly after.... which they have. (I have the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ) I was told there was no extra charges or service charges. Also untrue. I am being charged 1.2p for EVERY delivery report. This to my knowledge is the only network that does this. I paid £70 for the handset for three in less than a week to offer the phone free. Again something else I was told wouldn't happen. Three have told me I can buy out of my contracts but it will cost me hundreds of pounds. Well over into the thousands region. This is the only network provider I know that doesn't do the sim only contracts on a month by month basis and does a minimum term contract (12 months) which again were were told it could be cancelled at any time. Three have responded to my emails but have been useless in their response telling me I should have read the T&Cs for insurance (of which I wasn't given nor sent) I am really hoping you can help. I am sure there will be others out there this has happened to

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