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sheridan's complaint against Three

sheridan wheatley


problems with phones, and poor customer service

Complaint against Three

I have 2 phones out and and a wifi out with 3 and I am having trouble with the 2 phones my phone will not let people ring me or let me ring out and the other phone its battery is basically warn out so I went to the three shop and explained the situation and the man in the store said I have to go and look on ebay and buy a new one its should only be cheap , as three are my provider they should offer me a new battery but they didn't they fobbed me off to look on the internet , Also they have said that 2 of bills from July onwards have not been paid when they have as I remember doing it because it took longer than usual because the person on the other end of the phone had no clue what they were doing and secondly my partner was there to witness that I Paid these bills over the phone on the July and the august , and I am seriously thinking about going to a different provider as the 3 customer service has gone seriously down hill and would not recommend this company to anybody .

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