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mr christopher's complaint against Dial A Flight

mr christopher love


was booked in at the wrong hotel in mexico for cancun.

Complaint against Dial A Flight

when my wife & i went to check in at hotel on the 15 october 2015 in mexico , cancun, crown paradise hotel, they told us the hotel the agents had booked us in was the other side of the country in mexico, puerto vallarta,jalisco instead of cancun, we had to pay £120 for the first night at hotel, then i had to pay an extra £116.57 for adjustment to dial a flight & it cost me another £79.15 for phone calls incoming & out going to dial a flight. plus compensation for the first 24 hours of our stay, as we had to check out of room for the first night at 11am, & the time it took to get the rest of the stay (7 nights) sorted by dial a flight we did not get our room sorted till 5pm. this holiday was for our anniversary & not a very good start as my wife was in tears & didn`t sleep that night, also got woken up by a 5am alarm call for which we didn`t ask for. .we have spoken to dial a flight nearly every week we have been home (4weeks) , the recent phone call they said they will transfer £310 for my costs & will leave the case open for compensation, the monies should have been paid in by no later than friday 20th november, but have checked my account right up till today 24/11/`15 & no monies have been put in. i have only been dealing with the conversation`s is one of the travel managers as he was the one who booked the holiday with, i think this has been going on too long & should have been sorted as it was there mistake.

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Sudesh Kaushal | | VERIFIED

I too have had similar issue with Dial A Flight. We booked our hotel and flights to India. Firstly our baggage never arrived with our flight and secondly the hotel that I booked we requested two double beds. The itinerary stated all is confirmed & email was received. Arriving at the hotel, there was only one double bed. It was extremely difficult to accommodate 2 adult 2 kids & has to argue with the hotel for another bed. I am informed by the agent that the beds were requested but not GURANTEED

Sudesh Kaushal | | VERIFIED

I have used DIAL A Flight for few year. The previous issues I have experienced I never complain about. There has been disappointments for the past 3 years and I have informed DIAL A Flight on this. No response was received from Dial A Flight. The last experience (December 2015) was the worst. I will not be recommending or using DIAL A Flight again for my future travel. Disappointed extremely and very annoyed with Dial A Flight.
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