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Graham's complaint against Car Parts Online

Graham Clapton


Faulty Clutch Kit purchased from their E.Bay site on 17/07/2015

Complaint against Car Parts Online

On 17th July 2015, I purchased a clutch kit (reference no. 225265) for a Ford Mondeo 2003 estate. After paying £140.39 for the kit as well as labour charges of approximately £100, after 4 weeks the car started to shake. I took the car back to the garage where it was fitted, only to be told that the kit is faulty. In response to this information, I made contact with the seller on 17th September 2015, asking for a replacement, but due to having it for longer than 2 weeks, they refused. I was asked to purchase another kit for £140.39 and to send the original back under warranty. I explained the circumstances involved in the initial purchase and explained to them that it's a substantial amount of money that I just didn't have and they continued to tell me to send it back under warranty. However, I contacted Trading Standards to get advice and I was advised to claim under the 1979 Sales of Goods Act and give them 14 days to respond. I sent them all of the information that I was advised to give on the 19th September 2015, however, they showed little interest in my claim and continued to send me correspondence regarding warranty. This continued until the 24th September 2015 and I haven't heard anything since. My car is getting increasingly worse but as I said in my emails, I cannot have it off of the road for 6 weeks and without a clutch as it is needed for transport to work. Also, there isn't a garage willing to have my car sat on their ramps for 6 weeks. Due to their negligence, I have, also, been informed that I may also need a new gearbox which I have been told by Trading Standards, that they will be liable for.

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