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Liana's complaint against Easybook

Liana Smith


Website changed booking date; unhelpful customer service since then

Complaint against Easybook

On the 6th November, myself and a friend booked two journeys to Penang (independently, on different computers) for the 12th November. We later found that it had automatically changed the date (of both the outward and return journey) to the latest bookings of that week (8th November). I am sure that this is a system issue because it seems very unlikely that the two of us could have made the same mistake independently. I tweeted easybook and was politely asked to contact them by email. As soon as our correspondence was outside of a public forum, they became incredibly rude an unhelpful. Their email included lines such as: "Do note that our system are not able to change any details during booking. We have also found that there was no system during your booking time" and "However as both of the bookings has already generated the Order Summary, there will be refund given. And as your email had came after the trip date had passed, we are not able to assist you in contacting the coach operators in amending the dates for these tickets and the coach operator does not agree to the refund as the trip date has already passed." This doesn't even make sense! I get the gist, ie that they aren't going to own up to the issue. I don't want a refund (I am leaving Malaysia today so ringgits are no use) but a better way of dealing with disgruntled customers would be good.

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