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Mohammed's complaint against Southern Housing Group

Mohammed Yahiaoui


No heating and My windows don't open or close

Complaint against Southern Housing Group

I've been with this housing association since 2008. We've had long standing issues with my windows not being able to open or close causing serious problem during summer - blisteringly hot and no air circulation. During winter the windows have gaps so cold air gets through - as you can imagine problems with retaining heat. I have contacted the housing association on numerous occasions over the 2 years since the complaint was logged - I've just had a string of broken promises. Need I say more! My boiler issues have been on and off for the past 4 years, but this April it decided to stop working completely. Numerous engineers have come and fixed different problems, but it would only get the heater working for a coupe of days then it would break down again. So 9 months without heating and hot water!

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Samuel Lewis | | VERIFIED

We’re working with our gas contractor to fix Mr Yahiaoui’s heating and an engineer will visit his home tomorrow. We will work to get the problem fixed as soon as possible, working within our policies and procedures. We will continue to update Mr Yahiaoui directly through Twitter and on the phone. We have asked Mr Yahiaoui if he would like one of our Property Services Inspectors to visit his home to check his windows and we are waiting to hear back from him to arrange this

Trevor Nixon | | VERIFIED

just go round and see him then, i just had a new boiler fitted after 2 years on and off pluss all new rubbers on windows

Hirut Messai | | VERIFIED

I have been waiting for over 2 weeks for a reply from Southern Housing Group. They own a building where I am trying to buy the Leasehold but they do not apparently have the Legal Right to Register Sale to Transfer Legal Title!! So I am stuck after selling my home and my Solicitor tells me they don't answer phones! Building used to belong to K&C and did not know this Dodgy Housing Group
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