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Claire's complaint against House of SHB

Claire McBeth


Emails from companies customers

Complaint against House of SHB

As I said on Twitter, I received emails from this companies customers complaining about not receiving refunds and then loads of emails from customers about being able to see other peoples emails. I asked for clarification on why my email had been given out and they said it wasnt their fault and my email had been removed from their mail list. However, I questioned if this was the case, then why was I still receiving more and more emails. I also queried if any of my other detials had been leaked to their customers. They proceeded to delete their Twitter and blocked me on Facebook and deleted all my comments. I have screenshots on my phone for proof. They have said no other personal details were leaked but then proceeded to block me so I feel really uneasy and am worried they are lying and blocked me so I can't message them should I have money go missing or anything.

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Fiona McLeod | | VERIFIED

Her partner is no better with Bespoke Defenders junk vehicles rogue dealer. Blocked me on twitter and Face Book. Won't allow the truth to come out. You can still post on twitter it just means they won't see your posts. Just remember to put the twitter ID on the tweet. Keep putting it out. Too many good people being walked over and ripped off.
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