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Deepak's complaint against

Deepak Kapoor



Complaint against

I am really frustrated the way any van has dealt with the whole situation. I placed an order with thinking i can trust them with the The van company they deal with. I was completely wrong when i placed an order with any i clearly mentioned that i wanted the wardrobe to be parted and assembled back when they deliver to my house. First of all the van driver did not have a clue how to assemble a wardrobe and damaged the whole wardrobe. when contacted the van drivers boss he mentioned that the driver can only deliver and he does not know how to fix wardrobe i had to call a carpenter who charged me more money to fix the wardrobe. the wardrobe was fixed with nails and glue. if i ever move my house i would not be able to take the wardrobe with me. i will have to BIN it. when i got in touch with any to claim compensation i was advise to go to court to claim my money back SERIOUSLY !!!!!!! I never expected them to say that to me. To claim my money i need to speak to the van company. I ended up spending £165 out which the van company was happy to only offer £25 to claim i only asked for £110 nothing more the £110 was the money that i had to pay to the carpenter to fix the damaged wardrobe. so to claim £110 i need to go to court and spend more money on court fees. said we dont give compensations. they dont verify the van companies they are using. NEVER EVER BOOK VANS FROM THEM. Regards, Deepak

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