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Mr Darren's complaint against Gourmet Moments

Mr Darren Eddom


Hi I was told that I was a Garante winner of the Grand Prize and my number was the winner

Complaint against Gourmet Moments

Hi I was told that I was the grand winner of the top prize, so I placed an order unfortunately my Oder was wrong aswell as I was told that I would receive a 700 G Tin of Danish Cookies and get another Tin FREE I got 2 Tins of 350 G were is the other 2 Tins if they didn't have any 700 G. Now they have send me a Final letter stating that if they do not receive my payment of £19:98 they are going to take further action against me , yet the money was there in my account that winning cheque was going to change my life I was going to pay off my Debts of £20,360:00 pay my son the £3,000:00 I owe him pay my Ex-Wife the £1,800:00 in Maintenance I owe and due to my Dissability I was going to buy a new car buy now everything has been Destroyed and I'm now Declaring my self BANKRUPT thank you Mr Darren Eddom.

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Mr Darren Eddom | | VERIFIED

Hi I sent a complaint in about Gourmet Moments and they haven't replied yet which just goes to show their guilty I do hope they respond soon as I could really do with that cash right now thank you, Mr Darren Eddom.
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