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Company dismissed me and wiped my phone completely

Complaint against Aldermartin, Baines \u0026 Cuthbert

I worked for an estate agent and loved to tour at the same time. My last back up was around or just before Christmas 2014. I was called into the office on May the 10th 2015 and told I was no longer required because I requested a holiday and wasn't accommodation amongst other things etc. All my emails etc were synced with my personal phone as I found it easier to respond having just one phone as opposed to a separate work phone. During this period I had been on 3 holidays, Dubai, America and Amsterdam. America in fact was the most important as I went for my uncles wedding and in fact was the camera man for it using my iPhone. I had all the footage on there of when they said "I do" and was due to send it to them but just never got around to it. I tried and tried to get this back as well as all the photos at the wedding and various holiday pics from once in a life time moments and failed horribly. Aldermarting Baines and cuthburt have a IT technician company to assist them. It was there company (cloudamour) who in fact restored my phone through no authorisation of my own, but on the go ahead of the director Richard Davidoff. I emailed them both and asked for a resolution but instead was given excuses and shifted blame and then ignored. Had this been the company phone I would have no qualms but to delete all my sacred moments, I am devastated and my uncle is even more so. This has created bad blood as the whole ceremony has now bot been captured. I spent thousands on flights. It's what I live for and the took it away in one very selfish moment. Please help!

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