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kinah's complaint against Coyle Personnel

kinah sarumi



Complaint against Coyle Personnel

Honestly never came across such careless unthoughtful Agency in all my life of working ! SO THEY BEGGED ME TO WORK FOR VINCI AT LONDON STADIUM like begged I refused at first as it was 11ph expecting to do Reception & Helpdesk ...... So I haggled with them as I already had a offer to stay where I was currently working #Engie Canary Wharf.... they agreed to put the money up for me so I agreed.. 1. I waited over 3 months for payslip I had to ask for electronic tonduscover as I suspected I was not paid as agreed 2. Over time hours worked never got paid as over time shift work was not inputted as shift work # shift pay - so all that over time was complete waste of time I had to be a rude to get a inch of respect 3. Job was temp-perm - wasted 5 months with a shady company (Vinci London Stadium) who did not give me induction of the building Never had 1-1 with Manager Gurpreet who is another nasty piece of work including Kieron O'Leary & Vishnu and many more to add to the managment list 4. I had collegues reporting that Vinci was conspiring to get rid of for a obvious personal reason the manger is like under 25 I will stop there - 5. I told agency they trying to get rid of me . . Recruiter response was I spoke with management they said your doing good and I'm being paranoid Fast forward 4 months after I started I was radomly fired , gave no chance to improve anything I done wrong...I even covered 3 weeks prior doing over time etc no complaints just on with it as you do... I covered the managerr the person off sick reception & helpdesk all at once for 11ph lol.... to then randomly be fired for some shady reason that made no sense... any way lesson learned for me when you get a bad vibe or reports of shady management LEAVVEEEE I had job offers weekly I have a good reputation for being passionate friendly and loyal to my manager but hay Managers just love to throw you under the bus when all did is what you was told .. I lost many opportunities at westham but more to add to my CV your LOSS MY GAIN 😊 you can try make me look bad but I have plenty of other agencies who see my potential and how good I am at what to do so COYLE IS NOT NEEDED YOU NEEDED ME . GOOD LUCK TO YOUR CONTRACT WITH VINCI... 6 PEOPLE WALKED out on

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