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Andrew Shearer's complaint against Beath Motors

Andrew Shearer Brown


Purchased a second hand vehicle and after two weeks it has broke down.

Complaint against Beath Motors

The vehicle was purchased under false pretence - I was lead to believe that the vehicle was in good working order and it was not - I would strongly suggest that the MOT check was not done correctly. After 300 miles I realised that the gearbox was broken, there was a fuel leak, the chassis had holes in it which resulted in water leakage and now the vehicle will not start. The garage was found through auto trader and this issue has been reported on numerous occasions but the garage will not come and action the vehicle and I have phoned for three week to try and get my £1800 back. I have also contacted auto trader and they have placed a note on the garages file. The garage owner basically lied to me and told me that the vehicle I had been interested in was still available but when I got there it had been sold but he then pressured me into buying the other vehicle which he would not let me test drive or check over!! I am mentally disabled and I feel that the garage have taken full advantage of this - I am a manic depressive and my health is suffering greatly as the money they have is my life savings and I now don't have a car to buy shopping and visit my family which I need when suffering from this condition. I didn't notice until I came home with the vehicle that the someone had rubbed off the previous owners number on the log book for the vehicle. Please can you help me I am seriously getting ill because of this issue and I am scared that I will have a manic relapse and I will be admitted to the hospital due to my mental health. The garage provided a 30 day warranty but I know full well that they are trying to evade me until it is up and they can just get away with stealing my money.

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Robert Young | | VERIFIED

Ive had a very similar experience. I was lied to and harrassed to go away. I believe its their buisness practice. I was told as much on the phone. We should go to police. If they are doing this to many people and hiding behind civil law. They are no better than thieves

Andrew Lamb | | VERIFIED

Guys, thank you so much for your reviews! You have just saved me from potentially making a very big mistake! Prices seemed to good to be true... turns out they are!
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