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Josh's complaint against PMP Recruitment

Josh Williams



Complaint against PMP Recruitment

Hello I’m writing to you simply because I work for pmp recruitment at the Oakwood wingates site usually you have 3 breaks two 15 minutes break and one half a hour break but now they have took the two 15 minutes break off so you have work for a solid 4 hours and they stated moaning and got me done yesterday just because I had a 40 minutes break all gether instead of 30 minutes for the whole 8 hours that isn’t on and all ya workers are very unhappy with how the pmp supervisors are treating us the actual company Oakwood have 3 breaks unpaid for I’m sure they can give us 3 breaks unpaid we should all be treated fairly I have back pains and spasms sometimes and with just 30 minutes break for 8 hours is really not fair to any of us please can you write back as soon as possible as this is a big on going problem

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