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Miguel's complaint against PMP Recruitment

Miguel Severino


Following rules is not always the best choice...

Complaint against PMP Recruitment

After 11 phone calls ( not answered by the agency) i texted the agency mobile number (on site) giving my one week leaving notice , explaining i had been offered a permanent job to start in a week's time. The agency decided to block my access to the premises where i was supposed to keep working until Friday, 4th December and after requesting to the security to call one of the managers, he came down and found out that someone had misunderstood and blocked my access and shut down my account... no one gave me a call requesting for details or whatnot, they simply blocked me and i lost one day at work, losing money obviously, not to mention the transport costs to go to work and come back home without earning that day ! They say i can go back today and work the last 3 days but i recon they still have me blocked on their systems. I followed the procedures, tried to call, gave notice by text because no one answered the phone and they just decided to shut me down. People need to pay their bills and following the rules this time was not fun at all !!! Agency workers like myself are been treated like simply a number, regardless if you follow every procedure on the book. Who is going to pay my lost shift ? In case i can't start work today again, who is going to pay for the remaining days? I am really frustrated with all this!!! Regards.

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