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kathleen's complaint against Stannah Lifts

kathleen manto


They keep saying i have to pay a yrs insurance and i no longer have the stair lift i sold it back

Complaint against Stannah Lifts

stannah lifts say I still have to pay a yrs service insurance when I have sold the lift back to them for 150.00 after paying 1,800.00 I don't think I should have to pay them any money now I don't have the equipment anymore as I have now moved to a bungalow and I am a disabled pensioner

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[User Deleted] | | VERIFIED

Hi Kathleen, we are really sorry to hear about this. Please email us your contact details including your address so we can talk to the right service branch that would apply to you. [email protected] Alternatively you can call Ellie on 01264 386759 or 07747 693735 who already knows about your issue and can help. Many thanks.

kathleen manto | | VERIFIED

ok I will call Ellie because they rang yesterday and said I have to pay but why should I pay when I don't have the lift anymore I sold it back to them
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