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Alison's complaint against Zavvi

Alison Melrose


[RESOLVED] - Zavvi changed one off zbox to subscription & now impossible to cancel

Complaint against Zavvi

Zavvi began offering a box of "geek" items as a one off purchase approximately 8 months ago. These boxes could be purchased from their website for £19.99 and were then sent out to people near the end of the month. In October 2015 they changed this one off box to a monthly subscription but did not publicise widely this alteration so many people including myself did not notice that they would be charged the following month for the box. At the start of November 2015 I noted that £19.99 had been removed from my account and immediately contacted Zavvi to enquire what this was for and was informed it was a subscription. In the time taken for Zavvi to respond, they had already dispatched the box which arrived. I asked that this subscription be cancelled with immediate effect but that I would keep the November box as it had already arrived and returning it would have incurred costs (both in time and financially as I do not live near a post office). I was informed that a cancellation request had been made and that I would receive an email. As I had not received an email from them, I contacted them on two further occasions to confirm that the cancellation had gone through and was told yes, it had (and that I'd get an email - which never arrived). As they had stated the subscription had been cancelled during the correspondence, I assumed this had been undertaken as requested. I then checked my bank account at the beginning of December to see a further £19.99 had been taken from my bank account. I immediately contacted Zavvi via their website (they do not have a telephone number and all cory is done through a messaging system that can take them up to 48hours to respond ...if they bother). I also contacted them via Twitter and noted there were many other people in the same position (there is also at least one person on Instagram affected). The response received from Zavvi has been less than satisfactory. While they admit there has been an error made, they have not provided any details as to when and if people (myself included) will be refunded and the issue resolved so no further monies are withdrawn from accts. It is my understanding that as these are point of sales rather than a direct debit, there is little bank can do until the money is physically removed from the account. I contacted my bank on Sunday but they were about to close for the evening and I have not been able to phone them today. I also submitted a report to the financial service ombudsman for them to investigate when I saw that more than one person had been affected by this issue.

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Zavvi resolved this complaint

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Alison Melrose | | VERIFIED

Zavvi finally refunded the money they had taken from my account. They also removed the subscription details (that they had failed to remove as requested) so no more money "should" be taken from my account for future zbox's. There are however many other people that have been affected by their incompetence that are still trying to reclaim their refunds.
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