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Dr Roger H's complaint against

Dr Roger H Sugg


[RESPONDED] Online company not responding to my emails

Complaint against

I was given a pair of TANDY loudspeaker cabinets by a friend that, I was told, had damaged 12 inch diameter woofers, so I serched the Internet for replacements and order two speakers from When the cabinets arrived, I discovered that the damaged speakers were, in fact, 15 inches in diameter. I then contacted and told them about it and asked if they would take the 12 inch speakers back and replace them with two 15 inch speakers of the same make, and I would pay the difference. I had a reply which said that they would answer my email within five business days. However, five business days went my and no reply. I have since emailed them and asked them when I can expect a replay, and got a repeat reply saying they would respond within five business days! It says on the packing slip that I got with the 12 inch speakers: "Returns and exchanges are not a problem! Please visit returns for our return & exchange policy. I followed the instructions and got a reply saying that I would get a response within fiver business days! I then telephoned Bax-shop and spoke to a female assistant and I explained to her that I wished to swap the 12 inch speakers with 15 inch ones and she said I would get a reponse within five business days!!! Well those 5 days have also expired and don't know what to do next. Please help, Regards, Dr Roger H Sugg.

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Marketing | | VERIFIED

Dear Dr Sugg, thank you for your review. We are sorry to hear about the problems you have had. Our records show that someone has now been in touch with you about this. Kind regards , Bax shop

Icé Centiago | | VERIFIED

I have been sending you several emails, NOBODY BOTHERED ANSWERING ME... I want to purchase an item but your company treats new customers like RUBBISH.... frances michelle
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