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Michelle's complaint against Total Dogs

Michelle Wynne


My dog died in total dogs Ltd Netherton

Complaint against Total Dogs

On the 23rd of July we placed our dog gizmo in the care of lawrence moran of total dogs Ltd Netherton, supposedly for 3 weeks, we had two video updates one the day after and one a week later and paid him £250 about 3 days in and another £250 was to be paid when we collected gizmo everything seemed fine,my mum got a new dog not long before gizmo went in gizmo wasn't that taken with him so we sent gizmo to bond with dogs in a controlled way and then the plan was to put my mum's dog in a few days before we got him back to introduce them together so a few days before the 18th August we contacted lawrence moran and booked louie in gizmo was doing great my mum took her dog up there on the 18th with my partner he made reference to gizmo Barking in the background and told them he was like his shadow I felt happy and he said he was taking them both up to crosby beach the day after, on the 19th at around 7pm we got a phone call from Lawrence Moran saying that gizmo had been attacked on the beach by another dog and ran away we frantically drove up there to search he had my mum's dog with him and we all searched till it got dark along with some walkers no joy, we phoned all the vets wardens and put gizmo as a lost pet on scouse pets we all continued to search day and night with the help of volunteers and scouse pets for 3 weeks with no sightings we were losing hope, I received an anonymous Facebook user message who told me to ask moran what really happened to gizmoand that he had died on lawrence morans premises of a dog attack he had puncture wounds to his neck and didn't make it I didn't believe at first so myself and family confronted him and filmed him where he broke down he wouldn't tell us though where his body was as he said whatever he says now will ruin him and he needs to protect his family, after we got home an ex employee got intouch and told us too, gizmo was alive left bleeding and was put in a bath of water no vet was rang and then he was put in the bin which moran told the police, we also contacted the police and made our statements, he put us through hell with his lies he even had lost dog posters made up and brought them to my house and exchanged lots of messages of hope for us, like stay positive he's probably in someone's house waiting for you, gizmo died two days into his stay

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