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Peter's complaint against Bristol Airport

Peter Moore


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Complaint against Bristol Airport

30/10/17. AD12 EMX. Dropped off my son this morning at 06:30 by my watch. Went into departures with him and went through the arrivals door which was nearest to drop off parking. Said goodbye quickly, and went to toilet. Got back into my car and started the engine by my watch at 06:36. I then couldn,t get out of the carpark, as only 1 barrier was working, as you know. It then took me 4/5/ mins to get to the barrier, which I was just passed the 10 min waiting time. I don,t mind paying the £1 for the 10 mins. but to charge me £3 is a bit much, as only 1 barrier was working, when 3 should have been working. This isn,t my fault, but your fault as they are your barriers not mine. You know that 2 barriers wern,t working, as 1 of your employees was standing by the furthest left hand barrier. The middle barrier wasn,t working and only the right hand barrier was working. Yours Faithfully Peter Moore Yours faith

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