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john's complaint against Bristol Airport

john smith


Parking Fine

Complaint against Bristol Airport

On the 7th December we arrived at Bristol airport to park the car. I had previously pre-booked the parking at the Premier Car Park from the 7th to 11th December for £61.48. On the booking form an address was given for the Car Park as:- Premier Car Park, Bristol Airport, Bristol, BS48 3DY. Not being familiar with Bristol or Bristol Airport I used the post code in my sat nav to guide me to the car park. The car park was described as having number plate recognition and close to the terminal. The sat nav took us right to the entrance of what I thought was the correct car park. We arrived at 5am and parked my car and checked into our flight. On returning I found the barrier would not lift. I pressed the button for assistance and was told I had parked in the wrong car park and a fee of £250 requested and someone would be sent to see me. A young man arrived to tell me I had parked in the short term drop off car park and said I would need to pay the £250 before we could leave. I explained I had made a genuine mistake and followed the sat nav instructions to the letter and was not prepared to pay £250. I was asked how much money I had on me, I asked why and he just repeated the question!! I repeated I was not prepared to pay more than I had already paid. I was told the post code was not to the car park but was one for Bristol Airport. This may be the case but it leads right to the car park I parked in. The young man sent for his Duty Manager who again explained what I already knew and insisted I paid £250 before I could leave, threatening court action if I did not pay. I was again asked how much money I had on me. At this time I was getting concerned for my wife who was getting upset and concerned about my health. We had been there about 1hr by this time standing around outside and a wet miserable day. The Duty Manager eventually made an offer that if I paid him £95 which was half the remainder of the difference between the £61.48 I had already paid and the £250 he would call it settled and release us. Reluctantly I paid using my credit card. I am complaining about the attitude of the staff and the way we were treated and fined for what was a genuine mistake bought about by instructions which included a post code for the wrong car park. I believe I have been unfairly treated and request the return of the £95 fine.

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Bristol Airport failed to resolve this complaint

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john smith | | VERIFIED

Bristol Airport refuse to refund the £95 fine
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