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Maria's complaint against KIKO Milano



Unprofessional staff - bad mouthing customers on shop floor

Complaint against KIKO Milano

I recently visited Kiko cosmetics in Westfield, my debit card is not programmed with chip and pin, it is therefore an old fashioned swipe and sign on the dotted line deal. It took 3 members of staff to figure out how to do this, two of which kept swiping the end containing my details not the magnetic stripe, I asked the 3 sales assistant to swipe the correct end otherwise they would damage my card and it obviously will not work if you are swiping the wrong end of the card - common sense!- after I left the store the sales assistant, still on the shop floor openly bad mouthing me for all kiko customers to hear, one customer did hear and informed me of this. How unprofessional, when confronted 2 Kiko sales assistants continued to cause a scene and argue with me, when the only words out of their mouths should have been "we are sorry for the misunderstanding, our apologies" disgusting behaviour displayed by the staff at this store, totally unprofessional.

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