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Amy's complaint against Thomas Sabo

Amy Atkinson


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Complaint against Thomas Sabo

I have recently received a gift that is an engraved silver bar, black beaded bracelet from a friend. My friend has had the bracelet made too small for my hand. The bracelet itself cost her £89. I have moments ago spoken to a Thomas Sabo customer service representative, who has informed me that to extend the bracelet it would cost me at least £22.50 or a maximum of £34.50 to extend it (bear in mind that this is a simple job of swapping the wire and adding a few extra beads which at most would cost 5p each). I think that this is such poor form on Thomas Sabo's behalf and would like this problem sorted without a ridiculous and extortionate fee attached. Thomas Sabo make enough money on their over the top expensive jewellery that they can afford to take care of their customers properly and provide a decent service.

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