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christina's complaint against APCOA Parking



Overcharged and none issue of receipt on card transaction

Complaint against APCOA Parking

Hi, On Sunday 27th at approx. 1600hrs, my Silver Mercedes entered the Drop Zone. I dropped my passengers off knowing that after seeing their non-English speaking parents through check in, they were coming back out. I left paying £2.50 by card. Everything was as it should be. As arranged 25 mins later they called me saying they were back at the drop zone so were ready to be picked up. I drove back to the drop zone, they got straight in the car and we moved to the barrier. I put my card in the machine and it flashed up £14.00 paid seconds later. It was frantically busy at this time and I tried talking to the attendant who said he had no receipts he could issue and could do nothing to help. He told me just call customer services and they would be able to sort it out because it would all be recorded on camera. I then had to move as I was blocking the exit. Both transactions have now come through on my statement. Proof that I had left the drop zone the first time. As traffic was so bad at the time, with queues coming into the airport at a standstill on the round a bout and down the duel carriageway, I spent the time driving round the industrial area until they called me. So I’m sure that other cameras would have picked up my car having left the Drop Zone as well. I cannot understand how I have been charged the excessive amount. I am also very upset that the attendant could not assist in any way at the time and furious that no receipts were available at all. Their customer service was no help at all, saying that their cameras wont show anything helpful.

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