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georgia's complaint against APCOA Parking

georgia granelly


Parking disaster led to £100 fine!

Complaint against APCOA Parking

I was meant to be going down to see my friend at uni and I was in a rush to park at Cheltenham spa train station. I, yes squeezed my car into a small space, but I made sure I wasn’t sticking out too much or obstructing anything. I rushed off and got onto my train because I couldn’t find the pay machine and RingGo wasn’t available. Assuming I could pay on the train I saw Apcoa was the next port of call. It took me 45 minutes to figure out how to pay because the app didn’t work, I rang various family members asking if they could try and the answer was no due to the app. I also tried calling but no answer! I had to dive into the depths of the internet to find a way to park with them because there was no other means of paying for parking that I knew about. It had to be this option because I absolutely was not about to go back after spending all that time and money! I finally managed to pay after a long stress and most of the journey! About a month goes by and I get a letter- “important” I open it thinking it’s a letter from the bank, to my disappointment it was not. £100 fine from the apcoa! Shocked I was! Shocked! After all that I went through to pay and this happens! I am fuming! My vehicle was obstructing the road apparently. I don’t believe for one second it was and there was roughly 20 other vehicles parked exactly the same. So after all my efforts I still got fined! I will absolutely NEVER EVER use apcoa again and I would never recommend this service to anyone! £100 down and very very unhappy!

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