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Tania's complaint against Richmond Housing Partnership

Tania Mag


leaking roof affecting electric fixture and classified as category 1 hazard

Complaint against Richmond Housing Partnership

I have contacted my landlord to tell them that repairs are needed for leaking roof in my bedroom starting more than 5 years ago. Some attempts to repair have been tried, but the leak came back over and over again. In September 2015, after some serious rain when I came home from work I found that my living room floor was full of water and the roof was leaking in 3 places. I requested repairs, a team was sent to fix it, they came, put some expandable foam on the roof, said that they cannot do anything more for the time being, but that the roof is in need of being redone. I asked if I should remove the buckets, but the advice was to keep them. I rang the RHP and have explained the situation, but I was told that it is a much bigger job and a surveyor needs to approve it. A surveyor, took photos, measured the wetness and said it needs to be repaired. For a while that was on my repair request page at RHP, but it has disappeared since. Nothing practical happened since, except the fact that it rains more in the house, the ceiling in the living room is bulging and I am really afraid it will collapse. On top of it, the ceiling in my bedroom is getting wet around the light fixture, so that now when it rains the light does not work. I have sent photos and videos with no practical result. As far as I know this is a category 1 hazard no one seems to care about. I have allowed a reasonable time for my landlord to do the repairs, but they have not done them.

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Nothing, ignored again
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