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Ivi's complaint against Fast Response Plumbers

Ivi Must


Bathroom blockage not opened but fully charged.The water overflowing to the floor for £544.68

Complaint against Fast Response Plumbers

When I came home on 27.12.2015 at 22.30, the bathroom floor was flooded. Quickly I tried to find a local plumber to help. On Internet I found Fast Response Plumbers from Wallington. They took very quickly my debit card no in advance.The plumber was in my flat at 23.30. He took off bath panel and started to clear excess water with the HOOVER. Excess water came out.Then he tried manually to put a lead into the pipe under the bathroom but it was not very long. There was nothing to stop that lead. We were running water from the tap to check the pipes, the water came into the bath.The plumber clearly saw that it is still blocked . He suggested that he will go outside to see a manhole but which one. I did not know either. At last he thought it might be the right manhole and put some kind of pole into it to clean.He worked for 2 hrs but never touched the toilet.He left knowing that problem is persisting. The company charges are £89.00 for half an hour. It was mentioned at the beginning when the card details were taken but I thought their work is with a result. They clear the blockage. So I had to pay £544.68 for two hours work and MY BATHROOM WAS STILL BADLY BLOCKED. It was holiday time evening and flats were empty. Early in the morning some people came home and my bathroom and toilet were overflowing with water. I needed old bed sheets and blankets to protect water coming to the corridor and into living room. London Drainage arrived next morning at 10.00. They had the long lead with the machine and they put this lead into the toilet. The lead went down forcefully for some minutes as it was long and it was unblocked immediately. One of the workers checked a manhole also. We let the water running for 5 minutes to be sure that the pipes are unblocked. I showed the bill I had received last night for unblocked pipes. They shook their heads and commented......

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