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Nicholas's complaint against Titan Airways

Nicholas Poturicich


Delay of over 24 hours, chose different route home, airline refusing to compensate travel costs

Complaint against Titan Airways

(Email sent to customer services at Titan Airways by my wife on behalf of our family) Reference delayed flight ZT 3491 Dear Customer services representative, I am writing a letter of claim and compensation on behalf of myself and my family in relation to the cancelled flight ZT3491 from Kittilla, Finland to London Gatwick. I have filled in the relevant forms, but I want to write an additional letter to express my extreme dis-satisfaction at the management and handling of an extremely stressful and upsetting situation for over 400 passengers across two cancelled flights on Saturday 19th December 2015. I would also like to say that at the time of writing I am considering writing further letters to both the Air Transport Users Council, and BBC Watchdog to alert them to your under-equipped service and extremely poor handling of what was a very traumatic situation for all concerned. The most concerning aspect aside from the delay was both the lack of information and after care available to over 400 customers- of whom a large proportion were young children by your airline. My husband on four separate occasions had to knock on the one way security sliding door and insist on speaking to Finnish Airport employees to try and gather information with regards to the delay, possible replacement flight home and food/shelter for our family. This was over a 2 hour period and in this time not one single representative from your airline was available, or on hand to offer any support or information. Further to this there were dozens of small children that had at this point been in the airport for almost 7 hours who were over-tired, hungry and very upset- and the word chaos does not come close to describing the end of what should have been a magical experience for all of these families. It was not until my husband called his london based concierge service who managed to reach the airline in the UK that we managed to determine that the flight was indeed not repairable and that the earliest available flight would not be until the following evening. This was an appalling way to discover this information. The next steps were even more chaotic. We were then informed our bags would be returned to us on the conveyor belts- and nobody guided us to the appropriate location. We then waited 40 minutes without a single airport representative at the baggage section that did not offer any information as to which flights the baggage coming off the belts related to. It was pure guesswork and at this point passengers were advised once their baggage was received to then wait for the transportation coaches to return them to a hotel that was between 45 minutes and an hour away. No further information was given to the destination, at no point were we offered food or beverages, and I have to say I have never seen a situation handled in a more disgusting and inefficient manner. The only airport staff that we did manage to track down within this period of several hours, were both rude and unhelpful and just kept telling us to speak to the airline- for which there was not a single representative. My family made the decision at this point that we could not rely on your airline to get us home from what had become an extremely upsetting and chaotic situation, so we decided to make our own arrangements to get home- and subsequently booked a flight to Heathrow (not Gatwick) via Helsinki. We still returned home at 10am Sunday morning, which was the earliest possible opportunity with which to do so- but still a full 18 hours after we were due to arrive back in the UK. I have attached some correspondence alongside this letter referring you to the Flight Delay Compensation regulation, in addition to a link that offers further insight into the compensation and refunds due under the The Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_Delay_Compensation_Regulation In addition to the 400 Euro offered per person for each member of my family (1600 Euro), we are further entitled to full cost of Travel for our journey home, in addition to any other expenses incurred for food, accommodation and transfers to and from the airport. The approximate cost for all of the above (for which I have attached receipts for everything except taxis from Heathrow) is approximately £1706 flights from Kittila to Heathrow via Helsinki €361.70 for accommodation and dinner at the Hilton Helsinki £60 Taxi fare from Heathrow to our home £30 approx cash spent for food at the airport for which I have no receipt. €1600 in compensation as per your offer for distress and inconvenience, in addition to an arrival time almost a full day after we were due home. We are also entitled to claim back the cost of the cancelled return leg of the journey from Kitilla to London Gatwick as per the The Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 so I await your estimate in relation to this cost as an additional degree of compensation for losses incurred. Please also bear in mind we did not reach our intended destination – Gatwick and had to go via Heathrow. I would also like to make it clear that if I do not receive a full settlement in accordance with the amounts mentioned above within 21 working days of this letter, then I reserve the right to take legal action against your company, in addition to making the Air Transportation Users Council and BBC watchdog aware of how awful this experience was for over 400 people. I await your urgent reply and confirmation of settlement. Regards Jekaterina Haagel (copies have also been sent via post, recorded delivery) see attachments: • scanned copy of filled in EU261 Claim Form • Monarch holiday booking confirmation for original journey • Coutts bank booking confirmation and receipt for flights to Heathrow via Helsinki • Hilton hotel receipt

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