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Lauren's complaint against Compare Parking Deals

Lauren Wetherill


Awful service - please avoid

Complaint against Compare Parking Deals

(My husband’s review of our experience - please do not even consider using these cowboys) DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY Getting my car back was a ***COMPLETE DISASTER*** They say to call when you land and the car will be with you in 5-20 minutes. I called and then waited 20 minutes for nobody to arrive. I called again, another 20 minutes and nobody arrived. I had to call again, and again, and again... After an HOUR stood in the cold I complained and was promised a call back. Nobody called. I rang them again... and again… An hour and a half after I first rang the car shows up with a scratch all down the driver door and a totally, completely flat tyre. The guy who dropped it off didn't even stay to help me put on my spare wheel and instead just left me there in the dark. It then gets even worse. As he had parked it in a quick stay car park I had to pay the £5 fine to get my car back out of the car park as it took me so long to put the spare wheel on by myself When I called the company to complain this morning they have continued to hang up on me. Having the puncture looked at in the garage today, something the rough size of a screwdriver went through the wall of the tyre meaning it is non repairable, also costing me a brand new tyre. I also suspect the damage was deliberate due to the size and placement of the opening. Unacceptable in every respect. If they continue to ignore my calls I will have no option but to seek legal advice. I also can’t help but wonder if rather than being parked in a secure location, my car spent my holiday dumped on the streets of Bristol and was as a result vandalized.

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