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Christina's complaint against Armishaws Removals

Christina Dale


Non-delivery of household and personal goods

Complaint against Armishaws Removals

When we made the decision to move to Spain we contacted several removal companies and eventually settled on Armishaws Removals. We explained what we needed and they offered us storage of our goods and delivery to Spain for a set price. This was part of a 'shared load' which meant that our goods would be shipped with another customer also headed to the same area, which made the process a little cheaper. The original delivery was booked for the 22nd December 2015 and all seemed to be well, until we were informed that they would no longer be able to deliver on that date due to our 'shipping partner' moving his date to the 4th January 2015. It was an inconvenience but we accepted that this was just one of those things. We asked what would happen if he then changed from the 4th January but were assured by the gentleman we spoke to that this would not be allowed to happen and that should our partner drop out, the shipment would still go ahead for us. Sometime later we were then informed that our furniture would not, in fact, be delivered on the 4th January and that they had no idea where we had got that date from! Since that time we have spend hours on the phone to Armishaws and countless emails trying to get a date for delivery of our furniture. None is forthcoming. They are now asking us to pay an extra £500 to get out possessions out to Spain for the end of January, or else we must wait until February. Even then, there is no guarantee being given and no date will be committed to. I have asked what happens if there is no shared load in February, do we then wait until March, but they will not answer. They never call back when they promise to and when you do get to speak to someone they are abrupt, rude and downright abusive. They have on two occasions refused to speak to and I have also received some very unpleasant emails. Two months on and we are no nearer getting a date for arrival of our belongings. In the meanwhile, Armishaws are happy for us to be living in a house in Spain with no furniture and no belongings. My health has suffered terribly with the stress of dealing with them and the uncertainty of what is happening with our belongings (which is basically everything we own, including sentimental items). We are both at our wits end.

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Christina Dale | | VERIFIED

As of today, we are STILL awaiting a delivery date. Armishaws also went out of their way to obstruct us when we tried to organise pick-up with another company.
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