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Nex's complaint against Credit Desk

Nex Fer


Track-Budget & Credit-Desk - MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / LC*CREDIT-D

Complaint against Credit Desk

MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / LC*CREDIT-D MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / LC*CREDIT-D Track-Budget & Credit-Desk - they take monies from people without their knowledge or consent, also known as a scam or fraud. MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO - Email - [email protected] LC*CREDIT-D - Email - [email protected] If anyone is wishing to reclaim the monies heisted by these crooks, follow these simple steps (refunded to me within 3 days of noticing it). STEP 1: Call your bank, ask to be put through to the Fraud Department on the grounds that a company has drawn monies from your account without your knowledge or consent. Your bank will likely be pretty useless to this regard, however, instruct them to block any and all future attempts from the company in question (MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / LC*CREDIT-D) your bank will be able to then tell you the contact details for those companies. STEP 2: The emails I sent (1 to each company): To: MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO - ([email protected]) or to LC*CREDIT-D ([email protected]) Subject: Notice of Fraud MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / TRACK-BUDGET.CO and under all other names or affiliates. RE: YOUR NAME - Bank Refference - #########GB (Transaction reference from bank statement) It has come to my attention that your 'company' has taken monies to the amount of (GBP) Thirty Nine Pounds and Ten Pence (£39.10) from my private account at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) without my knowledge or consent. This amount consists of 4 separate occasions, on the following dates: 18th December - £19.45 4th January - £0.10 11th January - £19.45 25th January - £0.10 I have reported this as fraud on my account to RBS and will have no option but to contact the police fraud department if this issue is not resolved and remedy provided without delay, as it is abundantly apparent that this is widespread fraud, that your 'company' is provably perpetrating on many individuals at any given time. I have drafted letters to all relevant ombudsman and regulatory bodies, should your 'company' choose to ignore or deny me my rightful reimbursement, I will have no hesitation in forwarding said letters to the relevant parties with proof of fraud attached. I require your 'company' to close any account claimed to be in my name without delay. I require your 'company' to contact me and provide details of when and how my reimbursement will be issued to me. I require your 'company' to destroy and/or delete any and all information that pertains to my self, my name, my bank account, my personal information and/or anything else held by your 'company' that relates to my person. I require a response, addressing this issue within TEN (10) working days. This email will be logged as a part of a case against your 'company' and those running it. I cannot find any registered company in the United Kingdom registered as MM*TRACK-BUDGET.CO / TRACK-BUDGET.CO which suggests that it doesn't exist, if no proof to the contrary can be provided, nor remedy provided, the individual will be pursued in a court at law for all torts. This email has also been sent to LC*CREDIT-D whom is perpetrating an identical fraud, on the same dates as your 'company'. I await your reply. STEP 3: Get your refund / the replies given: Customer Services (Track Budget) Jan 27, 12:03 Hi MY NAME, Thank you for your E-mail. We would like to confirm the way that we create applications and gain details, we are only able to set-up an account by our customers entering there personal/banking details whilst searching for some form of finance online. We can confirm that we had received a request in the name of 'MY NAME' to generate a Track Budget account with the banking details provided at the point of opt in. Automated emails are sent out once our service has been opted into, advising the initiation of the 7 day free trial also providing personal log in details, again at the end of the trial notifying that our monthly subscription cost will proceed to be debited unless opted out, these can sometimes be found in your junk/ spam folder, depending on your inbox settings. We can confirm that these emails would have been sent to the email address used to generate the account 'MY EMAIL'. We believe in treating all of our customers fairly and strive to provide the highest standards of customer service possible therefore, we can confirm that a full refund amount of £38.90 has been processed via debit card transaction. Please allow up to 7 working days for the payment to clear into your account, we would like to advise that you refund may be with you sooner however, this is dependent on how long it will take for your bank to process the payment. Furthermore, your details have been removed from our system so you should receive no further correspondence in relation to your account. If you require any further assistance, please get back in touch. Kind Regards, Customer Services Track Budget ---------------------------------------------- Customer Services (Credit Desk) Jan 27, 10:52 Hello MY NAME, We appreciate you getting in touch. Credit Desk gives you 24/7 access to your credit report. You can check it online, on your phone, tablet or computer, anytime you want - as many times as you like. Your personal credit score is more important than you might think. Not only will it help you to obtain financial products like personal loans, payday loans and credit cards - but it's also important for a wide range of other things like buying a house, renting a flat, getting car insurance or even for starting a business. Credit Desk is offered to people who have been looking for finance and may have been declined. As a result, you have opted in for a monthly subscription to Credit Desk when you applied for a loan or finance online. It would have been at this point that you entered your personal details and were subject to our monthly subscription fees. Please be advised that when entering your personal/banking details you had opted into our service therefore, providing us with authorization to debit your account. As we provide an online subscription service, no signature is required in order to enable us to debit funds from y our account. I can confirm your account is cancelled and a refund has been processed. I can also confirm no further payments will be requested from your account. The funds should clear in to your account within 72 working hours. We would like to take this time to thank you for your custom and if there is anything further we can assist you with, please get in touch. Many Thanks, Credit Desk

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Ben Drew | | VERIFIED

Hi Nex Fer. Are you able to confirm whether you got the full refund from credit desk? I sent them an threatening Email demanding all of my money back, but they then replied with an automated email refunding a month's subscription.

Ben Drew | | VERIFIED

I'm assuming they put you in touch with head office, were they helpful?

Nex Fer | | VERIFIED

Fix your website, formatting is removed and you end up with ^ Crappy.

Nex Fer | | VERIFIED
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