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jennifer's complaint against Whites Autocentre

jennifer duffield


several months of repairs to my Landrover issued not satisfactorily resolved

Complaint against Whites Autocentre

My Landrover was losing oil and water. I was with Bathwicks who sdaid in their view it 'might' be head gasket which they were no equipped to repair. White Autocentre was suggested as a garage that did have the resources to deal with repair. at the time I obtained a quote from them andf one other garage(at Looe). similar erstimates so I chose Whites as it was close by. I did tell the Manager that the lady I had bought my car from said she had just had the head gasket repaired withing months of me buying the car from her (June 10th 2015). Whites said they would need the car for a couple of hours to run computer tests on it. That took a whole day. Whites then diagnosed the oild and water loss as attributable to head gasket fault. Car was duley booked in for a job estimated, by them, to take THREE days. The actual job took 11 days and cost £809. I was assured this work was guaranteed for 12 months. Within days the problem had re-emerged and the car went back to Whites only to discover that the radiator was leaking and needed replacing (loss of water had been part of original problem...) The ENGINE MANAGEMENT light had come on and was staying on and Whites told me I had a faulty sensor and charged me another £170 for replacement and labour. The problem persisdted despite this work being done. Also another problem emerged when the oil warning light came on and when I checked it I found the dipstick was completely dry. Bear in moind oil loss had also been part of original problem. I took card back to Whites who said it would be ok to pick it up after a few hours. When I went back to get it it had disappeared from their forecourt and I was told it had been 'taken to my other garage' and I couldn't have it back as it was 'not safe'. Whites then discovered an oil seal had not been properly fitted and oil was draining away. I wasadvised by them that I would have to pay for any further work on their part. At this point I lost all confidence in Whites and decided to seek a second opinion and went to Sandwells Garage in Albert Road. My car had to be TOWED from Whites to Sandwells. Sandwells reviewed the whole situation and discovered that a component of the head gaskett work had been put in upside down (they have given me the part and taken photographs as proof). They also ddiscovered the timing belt had been improperly fitted and supplied White with a new one to correct the fault. All further work done by Whites was overseen by Sandwells. I feel Whites owe me for the remedial work Sandwells have done and the cost of putting in the unecessary sensor. There is more information relating to this complaint including my reluctance to go vack to Whites and face the Manager who was very rude to me and I find intimidating. I have given them every chance to correct their errors but lost faith in them completely. May I add that while my car was in Whites forecourt the bodywork was damaged. I pointed this out to their mechanic at the time and have had no response from them.

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