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Nicola's complaint against The Kentish Drovers

Nicola Smith


Rude Manger

Complaint against The Kentish Drovers

On the 30/12/15 I came in to the pub for a meal with my fanmily which I do quite often. I asked the manger ( who I now know as Alex) for a little bit of hot water in a lager cup or jug to warm my 3 month old babies bottle. He took the bottle off me and went to put hot water in my babies bottle. I then asked him not to do that as I wanted the jug or cup to put the bottle in he then said" I can nt give you the hot water" I asked him why (as I have never had the problem before he then said "it is a health risk" . He then warmed the bottle for me. There was no arugement or bad feeling on my part after this incident and I did not think there was any bad feelings on his. Me and my family left the pub after our meal which was good. I spoke to my friend about the incident that had taken place and she phoned me on 1/1/16 to ask me what this manger look like. I described him and she informed me that while she was at the bar she heard the man I described telling another colleague "we don't give hot water to stupid customers as they don't know how to carry it" !! I can only assume he was refuering to me and our previous incident on the 30/12/15.I find this disrespectful and totally innappropiate to be calling any customer stupid epically where customers can here. I have been using the Kentish Drovers for years and this has really tarnished it for me and I'm now questioning weather or not to use this pub again.

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