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Debbie's complaint against WizBoard

Debbie Robert


Ordered something and still have no idea where it is or when it will be delivered

Complaint against WizBoard

I ordered a wizboard on January 1st. A friend had used them and said they were good. Money taken immediately, 379euros, but then nothing. After a week I began asking where my order was and when it would be delivered. Sent messages via their site. No reply as yet to any of them. They replied on twitter when I complained. Asked for an order number but nobody ever got back to me. Eventually Holly got back to me after more tweets and comments on FB. Said there had been a delay with European orders, also said they were a small company. Replied. 1. Nothing about a delay with European orders on their website. 2. Put on being a small company initially. Not interested after. Last week I kept asking where it was and on Wednesday (13 January) is when she said a problem with European order. Eventually she came clean but only after I had rang DHL to ask about my order as a tracking number had been given and they said the order was only put through the previous night. Holly then came back and said DHL refused them due to worries about the battery. Rang them. True. Said she was working on a replacement courier. Told her I would give it until the Friday, 15th January. Nothing from her on Friday so I emailed and she said UK Mail were taking them and would be collecting them that day and tracking numbers would be available later that day. I heard nothing. I sent an email last night so they would have it there today, the 18th. No reply. I proceeded to send an email every hour until mid day. After midday I rang the company. I tried last week but couldn't get through. Problem with the number. Am in France. Took details and said someone would get back to me. 5hrs later - zilch! I rang back. Same girl. Said it would be made a priority. I gave out, apologising as not her fault, and she said she would put it as priority. A couple of tweets throughout the day to mine. One saying emails were being dealt with. Still not reply. So, 2.5 weeks later I have no idea about the status of my wizboard. I do not know if it has been sent. I did send an email saying if I heard nothing by the end of the day then I wanted a refund. No reply! Absolutely appalling after sales service. Thanks for listening. Sure have missed something out but hey ho.

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WizBoard failed to resolve this complaint

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Debbie Robert | | VERIFIED

The company is called Wizboard. Sorry for not making that clear.

Debbie Robert | | VERIFIED

Oh, still awaiting a call back. Rang up again today and the woman could see that my message from yesterday had urgent on it but no one has contacted me. Sent 4 emails today and no reply. Sent a tweet and I got a reply saying they were awaiting my tracing info and would email when they had it. Sent an email and a tweet asking where my product was. No reply as yet.

Debbie Robert | | VERIFIED

So, an update. It took three days for any information to come my way re tracking. I was told it was being sent on 15/1/16 but got nothing. I rang Wizboard FOUR times but never once received a call back despite being told it had 'urgent' tagged on to my message. I eventually received tracking info on 19/1/16 because that is the day that it was collected by UKMail. Lies, lies and more lies from a shoddy customer service at Wizboard. Eventually received it 25/1/16. Black. Had ordered white.

Debbie Robert | | VERIFIED

I will not be sending it back to get the white one that was ordered, which was also stated on my confirmation email, because I wouldn't trust them to send the correct one back. Thank Heavens my dealings with this disgraceful company are over and done with.

Debbie Robert | | VERIFIED

Happy to finally have the board but extremely unhappy with the terrible customer service I received, and the wrong coloured board, and wouldn't recommend them to anyone just in case a problem is encountered.
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