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Lynne's complaint against Trainline

Lynne Coop


[RESPONDED] Cheap Fares Cost a Fortune!!

Complaint against Trainline

I booked 4 return tickets from Stockport to Euston on 20th May 2015 on line. When the ticket receipt came through it showed 4 x Two Together Railcard users instead of 2 x Two Together and 2 x 16-25 Railcard. I was certain I had put the correct railcards on the order. I spent an hour holding on the 20th as soon as I booked it which cost £6.00ish and got no reply, so today I went to the station to collect the tickets so I could ask Virgin at the station what can be done, they told me to ring Trainline again as they couldn't help. I spoke to a lady, after holding half an hour, who sorted new seats out and was going to give me a refund, she could see what I had done, when it askes you what railcards I had put 2 x Two Together, apparently you should put one and because I put two it ignored the 16-25 Student cards. Anyway she managed to get me new seats, took my card details then got cut off. I called again held another 15 minutes got a gentleman who cut me off after a few minutes (I thought intentionally, initially). I rang again got another lady who told me we would have to start again; she got permission to get me a refund then was cut off again. I rang again and the call dropped out after 5 minutes, I have since rung five more times and the phone line is engaged. To date I have not resolved my problem and the 0870 number has cost in the region of £15.00+. There is no-one to speak to in the UK, I've tried to find a Head Office number etc but to no avail. What was a day out for the family is not going to happen as the special priced tickets have all but gone and you have to re-book and send tickets back for refund. We could always just take a randum couple away with us and ditch the kids!!!

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Douglas Macnaughton | | VERIFIED

Hi Lynne Following on from the e-mail correspondence that we’ve had regarding this, we will be happy to reimburse the value of your phone calls on this occasion. Please respond to our e-mail with a copy of your phone bill so that we can arrange this. Our offer of a full refund still stands on your original tickets. It is a rail industry requirement that these be returned to the point of sale in order for the refund to be processed. It is entirely your choice whether you want to post by recorde

Douglas Macnaughton | | VERIFIED

(ctd)...recorded delivery (approx. £1.80) but we would always recommend this. Please also respond to our e-mail if you would like us to set this refund up for you. Thanks Fran

Lynne Coop | | VERIFIED

Thanks for your response nearly 2 weeks after the event and after Passenger Focus asked you to resolve after my complaint. As stated via email to you, repurchasing tickets would have cost more than originally paid. To return tickets at a value of nearly £100 it would cost £6.45 as proof/insurance of delivery. I am totally disgusted with your company and its Customer Services. As I emailed you directly with my response, I see no reason to waste more time here.
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