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Shane's complaint against Diggerland

Shane Rae


[RESOLVED] - Diggerland 11p Tickets Leave Children Disappointed

Complaint against Diggerland

Diggerland put a lot of marketing muscle around an offer of 11p tickets. It was all over social media and paid ads within news outlets. However, on the day the system crashed as tens of thousands (Diggerland's figures) tried to get the tickets on offer. This meant that many were able to put the tickets into their 'cart' but the system crashed before payment was confirmed. The site reported tickets were sold out within 10 minutes of them going on sale, yet responses to Diggerland's Facebook page show that some people were still purchasing tickets an hour later. Digger land then made a public announcement that they had suffered a cyber attack at the exact moment the tickets went on sale. However, I and other contacted their ticket agent-who confirmed two things. The first was that there was no attack of any kind. The second was that 'Diggerland killed the sale early'. Diggerland at first said that it would sort out all of us who had tickets in their cart at the time of the sale opening (10am) but were unable to purchase due to site crash. They have since u-turned an now refuse to do anything.

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Shane Rae | | VERIFIED

UPDATE: Diggerland Director has been personally in touch and has offered an apology for the way things went with the ticket sales. He genuinely feels bad about how things worked out for people and says they have learned lessons that will prevent this happening in the future. I think that's an excellent result. I'm going to take down this page asap. It makes a big difference to know there are some genuinely honest and good people behind a business like this.
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