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Sally's complaint against M0del Agency

Sally Taylor


Ripped off

Complaint against M0del Agency

I took my daughter for a photoshoot to beehive studios in Manchester, limitless photography. I attended the photoshoot after applying for my daughter to become a model through Facebook, I now know this was a very silly thing to do. I attended the shoot with her and was told she was beautiful and would have no problem receiving work. Myself and my husband were taken into a small room where a young man proceeded to tell us that our daughter would have no problems with obtaining work and because all the pictures were fantastic he would do us a special price for the pics, £500. We were told that everybody who wishes to become a model needs a portfolio in order to apply for jobs and if we didn't buy the pictures we wouldn't be able to sign for m0del as they needed the pictures for my daughters profile. Making us feel like we had no choice we bought the pictures. I returned home and started to look at other agencies as I knew I didnt just have to be represented by them. I spoke to several agencies who told me I didn't need a portfolio as my daughter is a baby and as babies change so much it was a waste of money. So as you can imagine I started to feel that m0del had told me lies. I continued to dig and more dirt came to light about this so called agency m0del. I spoke to another agency who were very helpful and told me the pics I had been sold were poor, they had poor lighting and were out of focus, and had no head shots which is a big requirement when applying for work. I have applied for jobs through m0del and surprise surprise no go as it seems all the jobs on their website are make believe. I have made numerous phone calls and sent numerous emails all of which have been ignored, letters have been sent recorded delivery, still no response from either party, photography studio or m0del agency. I uploaded images that I had taken myself on my phone to an agency, I'm not willing to name names, my daughter has successfully attended a casting for Morrisons clothing range. This agency asked for no money upfront, no portfolio no nothing, all they ask is we attended the casting and out of her earnings they would take 20%. I have signed my daughter to different agencies, none of which have asked for any money for photographs or portfolios. One agency took photographs and told me for £25 I can have all the pictures but I'm under no obligation to purchase them. So as I'm sure you can appreciate asking £500 for a cd with photos on was completely ripping us off.

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James (Mike) Rook | | VERIFIED

Hi Sally join the club. Together we stand divided we fall. Solidarity is strength. If enough of us get together to institute a 'Class Action' against Model Agency not only will it be inexpensive to take a civil action to have our money refunded the sheer numbers of dissatisfied punters will give definitive credibility to our action through the courts
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