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Magdalena's complaint against M0del Agency



I have recently fell for the studio 44 scam in Manchester and lost £600 for 10 photos ..I would advi

Complaint against M0del Agency

I have recently paid £600 pound to the studio 44 scam for 10 photos ..please make sure that you Google studio 44 scam and m0del agency uk scams before you even consider going to the shoot in Jersey street you will fall fowl to high pressure selling not even being allowed to leave the room after the shoot as they fear that you may tip off other potential victims in the waiting room ..if you do go read the yellow slip that they ask you to sign read the small print ..research genuine agencies and get costs from local professional photographers you will soon see that this is nothing more than a scam

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Hannah Sheikh | | VERIFIED

I am recieving letters stating that they are going to take me to court if i dont make a full payment within 21 days. I dont know what to do
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