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George's complaint against M0del Agency

George Bates


Scammed by Model Agency? Paid big money for Portfolio after test shoot.

Complaint against M0del Agency

I responded to an ad on Facebook for a test shoot for new models. I had to send in a picture pending approval. I got approved at asked to go in for a test shoot. I couldn't find the studio as the unit it showed on google maps was at the opposite end of industrial unit that the studio was located. While I was looking for the studio I found other "models" were looking in the same place I was and looked equally confused. I had to phone the studio and was then directed in. Going into the studio it didn't look very clean but the waiting area wasn't too bad and the set of the photo shoot was good. After the shoot I then had to wait in the waiting room for approval from the Model Agency, they then called me in after waiting for over half an hour (could have been longer) then led me into an office where I was told I was a success and had done well and the agency liked my pictures. I was then given a price rang for photos from £799 to £999 ranging between 20 and 35 photos. I thought it was very expensive but they had got me into an agency. I said I didn't have the money in my bank but would have to go away and come back with more money. The woman in the office then dropped the price straight away down to £500 asking me not to talk to the other models about it. I know now this was just a massive sales tac tic and just feel so stupid I fell for suck a scam! I guess I was just caught in the moment. I told a friend how much I paid for the photos he looked shocked so I decided to research how much portfolios cost. I didn't find any prices but found a site called www.pissedconsumer.com. This is because I was searching for model agency portfolios. On this site is a long list of unhappy people some who have and who have not paid over price for photos from the studios who claim to be independant from the actual model agency. they say that the model agency make money from 20% commission from work they get you and the model agency make money from selling portfolios. I feel something isn't right as I don't think that looking at photos from my shoot that I am model material. Some shots were okay but the overall feeling I got was that I have walked into a scam. Looking at the receipt I was give after purchasing it had Firefly Create Ltd on it. the studio I had the shoot in was unit 2 studio photography and the agency is called Model Agency uk. Not sure why the company name on receipt is different to both companies involved.

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