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Sarah's complaint against M0del Agency

Sarah Rooney


We where sold photos under false pretenses

Complaint against M0del Agency

We attending the agency for a shoot under the impression a decision would be made in if they would be accepted into agency. After shoot we where told that where accepted but could only proceed of we bought a portfolio with at least 10 images in each...costing £700. We paid a dep of £100 then rest was ment to be monthly direct debit. The following day we got links to put children on modelling website along with list of jobs that could apply for. I later found out of was a scam a the agency was a front an that they didn't need all the photos an they would never get work with them! I'm approaching the company they denied all knowledge of them being a scam...I cancelled my dd

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Katherine Peacock | | VERIFIED

Sarah of course we declined knowledge of us being a scam because we are not a scam. We agree you should not purchase a portfolio if you cannot afford one. The best thing would have been to decline taking the two portfolios away from the studio. Please email the agency direct so we can help you with the matter [email protected]

James (Mike) Rook | | VERIFIED

Hi Katherine join the club. Together we stand divided we fall. Solidarity is strength. If enough of us get together to institute a 'Class Action' against Model Agency not only will it be inexpensive to take a civil action to have our money refunded the sheer numbers of dissatisfied punters will give definitive credibility to our action through the courts

James (Mike) Rook | | VERIFIED

Correction SARAH
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