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Lisa's complaint against Baby Models UK

Lisa Bryce


[LAPSED] Paid £620 for photoshoot and portfolio. Since I have found out they are a scam.

Complaint against Baby Models UK

After enquiringly about joining Baby Models UK emails were sent back and fourth for about a month or so with them constantly telling me they really think my little boy would be great at it and lowering prices and making offers for me. I took one of the offers: they would take the one years fee off his first paid shoot. I had to pay £25 booking fee for a test shoot by a certain company in London. Once we had the shoot, we were taken into a room by the owner/manager of Baby Models UK and had a lengthy chat. He assured us that they don't just sign anyone up and that the family before us weren't suitable as they couldn't get enough decent photos of their child from the shoot. They were looking for babies like ours: content, happy and very animated. The man told us their prices. £595 for 20 photos. They wouldn't allow professional photos from another source as they didn't know how long it took to take those or how well the baby had preformed in front of the camera. We weren't allowed to leave for an hour to grab lunch or tea to discuss in private, instead he left the room for 2-3 mins and said we had to decided there and then as it was a recruiting day. We paid. I had trouble logging on to their site 3 months later and sent an email asking if things were OK and have not had a reply...2 months later.

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Lapsed. Lisa has not responded in 90 days

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Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Lisa. We are sorry to hear of your disappoinment using our agency. The man you refer to is not the owner of Baby Models, he is the owner of the studio. He has clearly misinformed you as we work with professional images from anywhere, not just our affilated studio's. We have since stopped using his studio due to customers being misinformed. We reply to all emails Lisa so I am unsure why you have not had a reply. It must have gone into your junk. Please email [email protected] .
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