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Daria's complaint against Baby Models UK



Paid agency fee for three years but no communications

Complaint against Baby Models UK

I still have a contract with them paid for three years services which I've never received. I would get an email per year for a "new assignment" we're they would request photos to be submitted but never heard nothing back. Was called to attend a photoshoot for breastfeeding tops and was offered photos three years ago. We did go but never herd anything back not I've received the photos. They repeatedly ignore my emails but they were quick to ask for a payment renewal after one year having mistaken our existing contract terms. Absolutely rubbish scamming agency that shouldn't be allowed to take any more money from anyone. Especially inexperienced new gullible parents.

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Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Daria. We do not ignore emails. We have over 200 emails a day and every single one of them is replied too. If you dont recieve the email, then that is a problem with your email account. We find this happens a lot with people who have hotmail accounts. As for the contract that you never received. Your contract starts the day you join. You dont physically receive a contract in the post. Everything is done online thesedays.

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Regarding the new assignment email. That is generally what happens when a new assignment is offered to your child. We have looked at your account and have noticed that you failed to reply to our emails and havent updated the portfolio since the 11th of November 2014. We have emailed you a number of times to update the portfolio as no client is going to hire a baby model who's images are from when he was 2 years old and he is almost 4.

Daria | | VERIFIED

Really unhappy with their explanation which is totally random and inaccurate. Definitely a scam agency that doesn't deserve to still be in business.
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