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Rose's complaint against Baby Models UK

Rose Loren


[LAPSED] Paid for 1 year portfolio then the company website disappeared and had no replies to emails

Complaint against Baby Models UK

As a young inexperience first time mum I was so please to hear my son had been accepted! Everyone told me I should make him a model and his a natural, I was asked to pay £75 yearly or around £150 for 3 years, obviously I was excited and just paid, shortly after I received no emails no contact at all!! I then went to go on the website and it didn't even exist anymore!!! This was at the beginning of 2016!! I was furious so I sent emails and received nothing back so was surprised when I received an email today telling me to update my son portfolio that was never created? They are a SCAM I wish I hadn't been so naive, there's no explanation for a website randomly disappearing fo almost a year other then there being something dodgy going on, please be aware and do your research, never pay upfront!! I'm now with bizzykidz and am so pleased with how I'm treated and how quickly they respon to even the smallest or silliest emails.

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Lapsed. Rose has not responded in 90 days

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Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Rose. Indeed we have sent many people a reminder today to update their portfolio. I am not aware of our website disappearing. Maybe you have a problem with your internet, but I assure you that our website is live 365 days of the year. We do conduct maintainence on our website from time to time, so maybe you experienced this as we do have techincal issues which require our site to go offline.

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

Yeah that's the one my internet didn't work randomly? No one day the website worked the next day it was gone the website was not found and it disappeared for months so I gave up!! Today is the first time in 6 months I had even heard from the company there's no hiding the fact your dodgy and the fact in all your responses you put the blames on the complaints, ridiculous!

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Rosana. Our records quickly reveal that your account has not been logged into since the 4th of March 2016, some 9 months ago. There have been no login attempts since this date. We have today reminded you of this and asked you to login to add some updated images. Your reply is to call us a scam and accuse of our website of being offline....

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

If our website was offline, we would not have an SSL certificate with Verisign and would lose our google rankings. So please, before you accuse us of being a scam, get your facts straight. If you would like to see proof that our website was live on the day that you say we were not, please let me know and I will email this to you as we have model applications daily and can prove our site was live

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

What a joke I couldn't access my profile because. I never received emails saying it was actually created and then when I went to the website it did not work! I then emailed you in April which I have as evidence saying I could not access the website and received nothing till today maybe you should get your facts right and stop preying on vulnerable naive parents

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

and has been live everyday.

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

It was not a specific day the website wasn't working it was months!

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

That has got to be the best excuse yet for not updating your child's portfolio. "The website was offline for months". Thank you for posting your false inaccurate comment Rose. As with most comments on this page. DEAR PARENTS, OUR SITE HAS NEVER GONE OFFLINE FOR MONTHS. THIS PARENT HAS FABRICATED AN ACCUSE FOR NOT LOGGING INTO HER SON'S PORTFOLIO FOR 8 MONTHS. SINCE MARCH 2016.

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

You are the rudest person I have ever spoken to, you've claimed that everyone on here has lied and the manner or your responses is ridiculous I think that shows more about your 'company' than any of the complaints your not a very good representative and CLEARLY everyone who's made a complaint is wrong!! How ridiculous I have physical evidence, so goodbye you rude excuse of a person.

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

I find it hilarious aswell I've been with another agency 6 months and update the portfolio weekly, must be because the website, Portillo and email system works perfectly, maybe you should take note and accept the fact that things aren't or weren't run perfectly early this year instead of nastily accusing everyone who has made a negative comment again you.

Rose Loren | | VERIFIED

Just a heads up aswell Jamie there are hundreds of parents on net mums who all have similar stories about the company maybe you should go and harass them for having an opinion that doesn't match your own, I'd appreciate it if I didn't get any more responses from you, I just wanted to have my say not be nastily spoken to and accused of lying for trying to warn others of my experience, good luck.

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

Hi Rose. You are entitled to your opinion and we are also entitled to respond. There are no simular stories on netmums of our website being offline and certainly not hundreds of stories about our agency. Yet another complete and utter fabrication. You update your son's portfolio weekly on Bizzykidz, which for one is folly as your child doesnt change weekly, but cannot update on our website monthly

Jamie Parvin | | VERIFIED

and blame our website. I assure you that our website works fine and always has. We understand that not everyone has the ability to use a computer properly.
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